Young Sheldon Justifies Missy’s Pitiful Big Bang Theory Story

Unlike his brothers, Missy lives a miserable life compared to her brothers in The Big Bang Theory, and Young Sheldon season 6 justifies it.

Missy’s pitiful life in The Big Bang Theory is justified in Young Sheldon season 6. Sheldon’s twin sister is one of the first Cooper family members to make a cameo in the nerd-centric sitcom. Despite her limited appearance in The Big Bang Theory, her brief guesting stint reveals enough about the life she has been living up until that point, establishing that she is having a more difficult time compared to her brothers. As unfair as that may sound given her potential in the prequel series, Young Sheldon season 6 comes up with a reason to justify her adulthood sufferings.

Young Sheldon has made it clear that the Coopers are worse on The Big Bang Theory. George is nothing like the bad father that Sheldon and Mary described. Even Georgie is ruined by The Big Bang Theory, with the nerd-centric sitcom setting-up a pre-determined future about him and Mandy breaking up. Missy is also a victim of The Big Bang Theory’s depiction of her, but CBS has somehow found a way to rationalize her pitiful adult life in Young Sheldon season 6, episode 11.

Young Sheldon Makes Missy Accountable For Her Parents’ Marriage Breakdown

In “Ruthless, Toothless, and a week of Bed Rest,” Missy confronts her dad about going on secret meetings with Brenda in her chicken coop. While calling out George for his suspicious behavior is understood, the fact that Missy only does this after he shunned away an older guy who is hitting on her seems like she’s only doing it for revenge. What makes this worse is Missy subsequently baiting George with the information she has about Mary and Pastor Rob. While the Coopers’ marriage is going strong in Young Sheldon season 6, Missy’s vindictive behavior could lead to the breakdown of their relationship.

By revealing Missy’s possible role in destroying her parents’ marriage, CBS is justifying her misfortunes in The Big Bang Theory. It’s no secret that she is closest to her dad, with George as her protector and motivator, while Mary is usually focused on Sheldon. Moreover, the Cooper patriarch learning about his wife’s infidelity could ultimately be the catalyst for his decision to engage in a full-blown affair with Brenda, a known precursor to his untimely death. So, while losing George did drastically change the course of every member of Sheldon’s family, it would have a bigger impact on Missy, given her relationship with him.

How George’s Death Derailed Missy’s Life

She may not be as intellectual as Sheldon, but Missy has proven to be the smartest Cooper in several instances in Young Sheldon. George and Mary’s only daughter is emotionally mature and sensible, so it’s confusing when Georgie describes her as a “dumb teenager” in The Big Bang Theory. However, Missy’s rebelious phase could have been due to the unexpected death of George. Without him, no one was there to guide her through life as she faced different challenges because Mary was again, preoccupied with Sheldon. This may have led Missy to make catastrophic mistakes that result in her inability to reach her full potential.

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