Young Sheldon Is Better Than The Big Bang Theory, Except For 1 Aspect

Despite being a prequel, Young Sheldon is better than The Big Bang Theory overall, except for one very important aspect of the family comedy.

Over the years, Young Sheldon has built a strong claim to being better than The Big Bang Theory, except for one key aspect that is essential in the prequel’s family comedy format. Born out of Sheldon Cooper’s popularity and his penchant for sharing childhood anecdotes, Young Sheldon fully dives into his time living in Texas with his family. Despite being a prequel, Young Sheldon’s storytelling is arguably better than that of its parent series, although The Big Bang Theory did one specific thing better than its spinoff.

Since it is a prequel, Young Sheldon is burdened to honor The Big Bang Theory’s canon at all times. Sadly, this is not always the case, with Young Sheldon season 6 ruining the best Sheldon and Penny TBBT moments. Continuity foibles aside, the spinoff has also created many plot inconsistencies over the years – most of which were easily preventable. Among these, Young Sheldon has failed to capitalize on one aspect of its family comedy nature, and this, consistently, is something that The Big Bang Theory did very well.

TBBT Gathers The Pasadena Gang Better Than Young Sheldon Does The Coopers

As Young Sheldon embraces its familial aspects, which are really its best asset, the show’s storytelling also expands beyond Sheldon. This means that every Cooper has been given their respective arcs, which makes for a more diversified narrative. Sadly, this also results in disjointed episodes, especially since Cooper family dinners have become rarer. This is one thing that The Big Bang Theory excelled in, as the show was able to maintain the Pasadena gang’s meal traditions throughout its 12-season run. In fact, The Big Bang Theory finale ended with a shot of the friends back in apartment 4A enjoying their usual Chinese food.

Somehow, The Big Bang Theory was always able to incorporate a group dining scene that allowed everyone to mingle with each other. Young Sheldon should have been able to do this easily since its lead characters technically live in one household. Granted, Georgie moved out of his room and is now using the garage as his personal space, but he still shares the rest of the house with his family. So, if The Big Bang Theory was able to maintain its group meal scenes for more than a decade, it should not be difficult to do the same in Young Sheldon.

Why The Coopers’ Family Dinners Are Very Important To Young Sheldon

As the Cooper kids grow up, they all start having social lives separate from their parents. Sheldon starts spending more time at East Texas Tech, which has become the new Young Sheldon villain. Meanwhile, Georgie has been preoccupied with Mandy, all while managing Meemaw’s businesses. George and Mary, on the other hand, have their own arcs to tackle. Since everyone spends their days separated from each other, dinners are the only time that all main Cooper characters can all sit down and catch up with each other. Not only are these meetings a great way to establish the clan’s family dynamic, they also help in ensuring Young Sheldon’s plots are all connected.

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