Why is Tessa (Josephine Langford) barely in After Everything?

The final installment of the After movie series is finally streaming on Netflix. With After Everything, we say goodbye to some characters that we loved watching over the years. This film officially wraps up Tessa and Hardin’s love story, and we just can’t believe that this is the end.

For five movies, viewers watched as Tessa and Hardin went through the ups and downs in their relationship. They broke up many times but always managed to find their way back to each other because they’re soulmates. They’re truly meant to be!

But for the people who’ve already watched After Everything, you probably noticed how one of the main characters barely appeared in the film. We’re talking about Tessa, who is played by Josephine Langford. Why is that? We share what we know below.

Unfortunately, Langford and the creative team behind the movie have kept quiet about her reduced role in After Everything. However, there has been much speculation.

Since After Everything mainly focuses on Hardin as he works to better himself so that he can win Tessa back, it makes sense why we wouldn’t see that much of Tessa. But we’re still baffled by the fact that she only appears at the very end of the film. The only other time we see her is through flashbacks, which are old footage from the previous four movies.

Some fans believe that the reason why Tessa is barely in the movie is because Langford didn’t get what she wanted when talking about a fifth movie was going on. They believe that when contracts for a fifth film were being negotiated, Langford wanted certain things but was denied. So, she decided to appear in the film but to a minimal extent. Again, this is just fan speculation.

Other people believe that Tessa’s minimal screen time had something to do with Langford’s desire to move on from the After film series or that she didn’t like the story for the fifth movie. However, none of this has been confirmed either.

We might not ever know the real reason on why Tessa barely appeared in After Everything, but we’ll definitely remember the fan outrage.

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