FBI Star Zeeko Zaki Wants an AVENGERS: Endgame-Like Crossover Event for the Dick Wolf Shows

As the Dick Wolf television universe expands (the uber-producer will have eight shows on primetime television this fall, between the FBI, LAW & ORDER, and CHICAGO franchises) and continues to intermingle, FBI star Zeeko Zaki has a dream co-star in mind.

“Oh, of course, the legend of legends, [SVU star] Mariska [Hargitay],” Zaki says of his ideal crossover. “I have been pitching this idea that I don’t think has made it up to our showrunner [Rick Eid], but if anyone’s going to do it, it’s going to be him: the dream is to do an AVENGERS: ENDGAME style [ event] with the Wolf world, where every single person comes in. Maybe we can do a movie or something like that. But I would love to work with all of them.”

Zaki is no stranger to crossovers outside of the FBI universe, having previously worked with CHICAGO P.D.’s Tracy Spiridakos when her character, Upton, was sent to the FBI on assignment.

“The universe we live in is the Wolf universe,” he points out. “And when I get to work with an actor from a different show, the character gets to work with someone from different city, but I get to work with someone that has more experience in the universe that I’m living in. So it’s always a great learning experience, and it’s always great to feed off of people that have been under the umbrella for longer than I have, and just learn as much as I can from them.”

“My biggest hope [for those crossovers] is that they’ll put me on a plane to [where] FBI: INTERNATIONAL is filming, so I get to drop off a folder and then I’m back in New York,” he jokes . “My favorite part about the growth of the show, with the spinoffs and how the world grows, is it allows me, personally, to look at the show we do and see it as a real show and not just me in front of the camera or me with the crew. The realer it gets for me, personally, the [more real] the character gets for me.”

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