What’s Next? Josephine Langford Has Tons of Movies Lined Up Following the ‘After’ Series

What’s next for Josephine Langford? The actress is continuing her Hollywood career now that the After movies have come to an end.

“I’m scared of commitment. So I’m not drawn to TV — I’m drawn to film,” the Australian native told WWD in November 2021. “I think it’s partly why I became an actor.”

While she had a few roles at the beginning of her career, playing Tessa Young in the After franchise is what put Josephine’s name on the map. Based on a series of books written by Anna Todd, the first film in the After series premiered in April 2019. The sequel, After We Collided, was released in September 2020. The third and fourth films — After We Fell and After Ever Happy — were filmed back to back. After We Fell hits theaters in September 2021.

“I think it has nothing to do with me,” Josephine told WWD about the success of the movies. “I think it has to do with the books. The love of the characters in this story is really coming from what’s being set up in the books. And so, we’re really lucky that it’s followed through to the films.”

Since she’s finished playing the role of Tessa, more After movies have been announced — a prequel and fourth sequel, which will take place years after the first four films. But does Josephine plan to reprise her role in those upcoming movies?

“I would want to come back if it was important, and it made sense,” she explained to StyleCaster in September 2021. “I’m not a fan of overstaying your welcome. It can sometimes dampen a good thing if you’re creating something and it’s canon, and it doesn’t have a reason. I would be very, very, very happy to come back under the right circumstances and if it makes sense.”

But that being said, the actress does have a lot of projects on the horizon. While it’s unclear if she will actually ever return to the role that made her a household name, the Moxie actress has shared the biggest lessons that came from her time on the After set.

“I’ve learned a lot about what I should do and shouldn’t do. I’ve never been a lead in a movie before this,” Josephine also told StyleCaster. “There are so many little things that no one teaches you, and no one can teach on how sets work and all this intricate, behind-the-scenes stuff. Some of those lessons are invaluable. I’ve also grown with these movies. It’s taught me a lot, and I’m super grateful for that.”

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