Virgin River Finale Launches New Mystery for Potential Season 3 — Martin Henderson Shares His Theory

If you’ve finished your binge of Virgin River’s second season, you already know we’ve got a bit of a whodunnit on our hands.

The Netflix drama’s sophomore run ended with Mel discovering Jack on the floor of the bar, where he was bleeding out from an apparent gunshot wound. The question is: Who pulled the trigger?

“Who on Earth would have done that? By the end of the season, there are a few candidates,” Martin Henderson (aka the victim in question) tells TVLine, adding, “I always joke that it’s most likely Charmaine. It does pop into your mind!”
In Henderson’s defense, we can’t entirely rule out Jack’s erratic ex-girlfriend as a potential suspect, especially since the shooting happened only a few scenes after he rebuffed her advances. Let’s not forget that one of the last things she said to him was “You’re making me look crazy — and I’m not!”

When TVLine spoke with Alexandra Breckenridge (aka Mel) about Charmaine prior to the second season premiere, she reminded us that “Charmaine’s base level is already a little bit crazy. And then she gets pregnant… by her ex-boyfriend… who she’s still in love with.”

That said, we’re not ready to throw the book at Charmaine just yet — not when so many other shady characters still roam the streets of Virgin River. Could the shooter have been Brady, who’s been arrested because of Jack and Mel’s meddling in the “lumber” business? Maybe it was Brady’s boss Calvin, the puppet master overseeing the sleepy town’s surprisingly prolific illegal drug operations.

Either way, Henderson notes that the cliffhanger is a “nice, dramatic end to a season that leaves a lot of unanswered questions.” If we haven’t done it with our performances up to that point, hopefully [this mystery] will go some ways to keep people tuned in for Season 3.” (For the record, Netflix has yet to officially renew Virgin River for a third season, but something tells us it’ll happen — and that the fans will tune in either way.)

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