Shocked by the news that Johnny Depp is dating female lead Wednesday who is 39 years younger, what do insiders say?

In recent days, rumors of Johnny Depp dating Jenna Ortega (Wednesday) have appeared loudly on social networks after blog Deuxmoi reported that the two stars appeared together, supposedly working together happily at the Beetlejuice studio. 2 . Worth mentioning, the age gap of up to 39 between Johnny Depp and Jenna Ortega makes netizens stunned.

On the morning of September 3 (Vietnam time), Johnny Depp’s representative officially spoke up about the dating suspicion that has caused a stir over the past few days: “The actor does not have any personal or professional relationships. Come on with Jenna Ortega. Johnny has never met or talked to her either. The actor was deeply shocked when he read baseless rumors that damaged his reputation and career.”

According to Daily Mail, Jenna Ortega also denied the rumors through a post on her Instagram story, but she later deleted the post. Female lead Wednesday harshly denied the news that she was in love with Johnny Depp: “I can’t even laugh. I have never met or collaborated with him. Please do not spread unverified information. Please leave us alone.”

Johnny Depp was born in 1963 and had a marriage that lasted about 2 years with Amber Heard. After divorcing Aquaman actress, the famous actor dated wealthy lawyer Joelle Rich – who supported Johnny in the lawsuit against News Group Newspapers company. It is known that the couple broke up at the end of last year after more than a year of togetherness.

As for Jenna Ortega, the actress born in 2002 was once involved in love affairs with singer Jacob Sartorius and handsome actor Asher Angel.

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