Super-rich U70 boss Simon Cowell explains why he is about to marry a young girlfriend

Simon Cowell owns a fortune of approximately 500 million USD and is a businessman and record company CEO, one of the richest managers in England. Simon Cowell has judged on British television talent competition series such as Pop Idol (2001-2003), The X Factor UK and Britain’s Got Talent as well as American television talent competitions such as American Idol, The X Factor USA and America’s Got Talent. Cowell is the founder and sole owner of British entertainment company Syco.
In 2013, Cowell began dating a beautiful woman 18 years his junior, Lauren Silverman, the ex-wife of a close friend of his. The couple got engaged last January after having an 8-year-old son together. In the past, Simon Cowell dated many other famous beauties and Lauren Silverman has a son named Adam, 16 years old, the result of her marriage to ex-husband Andrew Silverman.

In a recent interview, Simon Cowell said that at the age of 63, he felt he could no longer continue to date and that he changed his mind about marriage after falling in love with Lauren Silverman.

The music mogul said he decided to propose to his longtime girlfriend in January 2022 after he and his girlfriend lived together and became closer during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Simon Cowell described the Covid-19 pandemic as a “make or break” moment for relationships and said that during social distancing, he and Lauren grew closer together and they realized that their relationship how good their relationship really is and how happy they are together.

Simon has never been married in the past and now tells The Sun: “I can’t see myself going out with anyone again. The idea of dating now is so strange.” Simon used to not believe in marriage, but he changed his opinion after falling in love with Lauren.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge revealed another reason why he decided to propose to his beautiful girlfriend because he felt it was the right thing to do for their eight-year-old son. “For Eric, as he gets older, he will ask more and more about his parents and I think that’s the right thing to do for him,” Simon shared.

Also in an interview with The Sun, the super-rich boss said he always admired his parents’ wonderful marriage because his parents were also each other’s best friends.
Talking about proposing to his girlfriend who is 18 years younger than him, Simon Cowell said that he is not a romantic person so he did not kneel down when proposing. Simon proposed to Lauren while on holiday in Barbados early in the new year, in front of their son. Simon Cowell said he wasn’t worried before proposing to Lauren because the couple had discussed what type of ring Lauren would like.

Simon Cowell is planning his wedding. His wedding day, he said, would be a surprise for all his guests and even his girlfriend Lauren. “I’m planning a small wedding, otherwise I know what will happen, there will be about 600 guests and it will get out of control like my 50th birthday party,” Simon joked. said funny.

In 2008, Simon said: “I don’t believe in marriage, it’s certainly not suitable for the entertainment industry. The truth is that if you get married, within a year or two, the industry will eliminate you.”

A source close to the couple said: “Lauren has been Simon’s strong supporter over the past few years. She supports Simon in everything and they really are a great couple. Although Simon He never thought he was the type to get married, but he realized he had met the woman of his dreams and it was time to put a ring on his girlfriend’s hand. He couldn’t be happier.”

A friend of the couple added to People magazine: “Both Simon and Lauren are very happy. They have been together for a long time and love each other very much so their engagement is not a big surprise.” to their close friends”.

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