Simon Cowell stopped getting botox and filler injections because his face became ‘weird’

In recent years, Simon Cowell's appearance has changed significantly. Every time he appears in front of the camera, the British entertainment 
mogul's face looks different and less natural than before. At the Kids' Choice Awards 2022 a few days ago, this famous producer along with 
Heidi Klum, Sofía Vergara, Howie Mandel and Terry Crews went on stage to receive the award for Most Popular Reality Program for the show 
America's Got Talent. The 63-year-old businessman continues to attract attention with his stiff, awkward face.
According to PageSix, at the event, Simon Cowell revealed that he had stopped injecting botox (a substance that helps remove wrinkles and 
shape the face) and filler (filler) on his face because they made him "like something in horror film". He admitted facial modifications were 
beyond his reach. “There was a time when I overdid it. I looked at an old photo of myself and then no longer recognized myself in it," the 
powerful judge of Britain's Got Talent shared with The Sun. Even his son Eric (8 years old) was scared by his father's new appearance. 
“Enough is enough. Now I don't have any filler left on my face," the TV show creator affirmed.
Over the years, Simon Cowell has had many changes because this "tycoon" has implemented many beauty treatments to improve his 
appearance. In addition to Botox and filler injections, he used to have a face lift, intensive skin care, and tooth paste (after a car accident in 
2020)... This made the 63-year-old creator's face become less natural and stiff. and forced.
The father of one child himself also realized this unwanted change and is trying to fix it. Currently, the TV star is following a healthy diet,
 following basic skin care steps and drinking lots of water. Simon admitted that he felt healthier and more comfortable doing so. “The only 
good thing about getting older is that you have a lot of experiences, and they're not always things you do well — they can also be things you 
don't do well,” said the former American Idol judge. added.
Simon Cowell is gradually reducing his workload to spend more time resting. However, he will soon return to television with the new season 
of the talent show Britain's Got Talent. The famous show creator just proposed to Lauren Silverman and is planning a cozy wedding with his
 longtime girlfriend.
Simon Cowell was born in 1959, he is a businessman and the most powerful television producer in the British entertainment industry. The 
63-year-old "tycoon" is familiar to global audiences as a judge for a series of popular shows: The X Factor (UK), Britain's Got Talent, American
 Idol, America's Got Talent... and is famous for being a difficult person. , strict. Simon is also a name that contributes to the success of many 
music groups such as: Westlife, One Direction, Pretty Much... He has been honored by Time in the list of 100 most influential people in the 
world for many years.

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