“Boss” Simon Cowell was in love with his beautiful girlfriend on the red carpet

The appearance of Simon Cowell and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman and their son Eric on the red carpet of America's Got Talent recently 
received public attention.
Simon Cowell, his fiancee Lauren Silverman and their 8-year-old son Eric made a prominent appearance on the red carpet of America's Got 
Talent recently in California.
"Media tycoon" impresses with his youthful and stylish appearance. Meanwhile, Simon Cowell's fiancee dressed sexy and looked very beautiful
She gave her boyfriend a romantic look in front of the "forest" of media and fans.
This is the rare time Simon Cowell appeared with his girlfriend and son at the event.
According to a source on People, Simon Cowell made a romantic proposal to his girlfriend Lauren Silverman on the beach during a vacation in
 the Bahamas on Christmas Eve last year. Lauren's son Eric and stepson also witnessed this sweet moment of the couple.
A friend of both said: "They are filled with happiness. The two have been together for a long time and love each other deeply, so everyone was 
not surprised when Simon Cowell proposed to Lauren Silverman."
As for Lauren Silverman, she was very surprised when Simon Cowell asked her to marry him. "Never in a million years did she think of Simon 
proposing. Lauren cried with happiness and said yes immediately," according to a source on People.
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