How Jenna Ortega’s New Wednesday Compares To The Movie Character

Jenna Ortega will soon be playing the incredibly popular Wednesday Addams, but how does she compare to Christina Ricci’s Wednesday from the movies?

A first look at Wednesday, the new Addams Family show, was just released, giving a glimpse at Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams, who Christina Ricci most famously played. With the series having been around for ages, Ortega is only the most recent entry in a long line of actors that have played Wednesday Addams. However, since Wednesday is a live-action Addams Family series, it is impossible not to compare Ortega’s Wednesday with Ricci’s performance as Wednesday in the 1991 Addams Family movie series.

The Addams Family is a long-running franchise that follows the titular macabre family on their various misadventures. The family has appeared across all kinds of mediums, from movies to television to comics to animated series. The 1991 film series is one of The Addams Family‘s more famous series, defining the character’s modern incarnations. Although not much is known about Wednesday, a teaser trailer has just dropped, giving the first hints of what the newest Addams Family series may look like.

Being the first Addams Family project since the negatively received animated film, many comparisons are being drawn between Wednesday and the ’90s film series. The biggest similarity between the two shows is their depiction of Wednesday Addams. There are several ways that the two depictions of Wednesday Addams compare and contrast. The first big comparison between Ortega and Ricci is their appearance. Both iterations of Wednesday stay close to the character’s original depiction, wearing long, black clothing with a white collar. Both characters have pale skin and an empty look on their face. However, the main difference between the two Wednesdays is their hair. Both characters have long black braids, but Ricci’s hair is parted in the middle, whereas Ortega’s has bangs. From an appearance standpoint, it seems like Jenny Ortega’s Wednesday Addams is a near carbon-copy of Ricci’s, which is probably a smart decision considering the love for Ricci’s Wednesday.
The main way in which the two Wednesdays differ involves their stories. Ricci’s Wednesday is a young child who mostly sticks with her family. Ricci’s Wednesday doesn’t really have any motivation besides her dark sense of humor, with her always looking to get a laugh out of messing with her brother. Ortega’s Wednesday, on the other hand, is actually older. Wednesday will follow a high school-aged Wednesday Addams, which is a major departure from her previous iterations. This Wednesday also possesses psychic powers, an ability she has never shown in previous Addams Family installments. She will use these abilities to solve a mystery involving her parents, cementing her loyalty to her family. Although Tim Burton’s Wednesday story seems like a major departure, at their core, both Ortega’s and Ricci’s Wednesday Addams are very similar characters.
It seems like Jenna Ortega’s version of Wednesday Addams will be sticking close to Ricci’s, which is a major relief for many viewers. Both characters have similar looks and personalities, with the only major departure being their stories. While there is still a lot to learn about Wednesday, this tease of Jenna Ortega’s characters shows that the show will be taking a page out of Christina Ricci’s book.
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