Wednesday and the success of the Gothic symbol

Breaking Stranger Things’ record, creating a series of new trends on TikTok thanks to its impressive dance and personality-filled Goth Girl style, Wednesday has become a new success for Netflix in the last days of the year.

Wednesday – A child born on Wednesday is full of disasters
Wednesday is a fictional character from the Addams family, first appearing in The New Yorker magazine in 1938. Described by the author as “a miserable, skinny, sensitive, and quiet child,” Wednesday She was even named by her mother based on a famous rhyme based on her birthday: “Wednesday’s child is full of woe”. Therefore, Wednesday’s personality is also a bit special, especially when she was born into an equally unusual family.

She has a special interest in death, often researches how to… behead dolls as quickly as possible, rarely smiles and has difficulty sympathizing with the emotions of people around her. Even the author of Wednesday – Charles Addams also adorned each of her steps with a flock of crows, signaling bad luck and death. However, Wednesday is also a girl who loves and cares for her family. Thanks to his strong and courageous personality, Wednesday often stands up to protect his family, with many sharp lines that make bullies speechless. The girl also did not hesitate to express her dissatisfaction with the situations she encountered, and then the “punishment” that Wednesday personally carried out against the bad guys. Those characteristics have made Wednesday much loved by readers, especially when the Addams family appeared on the small screen.

Before Wednesday, many films about the Addams family had achieved much success in the hearts of both the public and experts, and even became symbols of 20th century American popular culture thanks to the special strangeness that the films created. This family member brings. The two versions of The Addams Family (1991) and Addams Family Values (1993) received Oscar nominations for Best Costume Design and Art Direction, respectively. These two versions even brought excellent commercial success, recognized by the audience as the most perfect versions of the Addams family. Following that, the animated version released in theaters in 2019 also received a lot of support around the world, reaching the Top 10 best-selling animated films of the year. Speaking of the Addams family, besides the strange hobbies, scary pleasures and monsters raised in the house, the audience also loves Addams thanks to the love this family has for each other, always supporting and accepting. all their differences.

Success comes from being different
Released on November 23, Wednesday became the movie with the highest streams of the week, breaking the record of the hit series Stranger Things, with a total of 341.2 million viewing hours. In this part of the movie, Netflix focuses on Wednesday – the eldest sister full of misfortunes in the Addams family, when she begins to enter Nevermore school for people with differences. Exploiting the image of a teenage girl with a lot of impulsiveness, aversion to control and full of Gen Z emotions, Wednesday made the audience go crazy right from the first scenes. Not smiling, not blinking, always wearing black even if it was the school uniform, the eldest sister of the Addams family convinced viewers through 8 episodes and became a favorite trend among young people today.

Taking on the female lead role Wednesday is actress Jenna Ortega. She quickly received attention after her role thanks to her intelligent, mysterious charisma and inherent Latin beauty. Although there have been no more official invitations from brands, Jenna Ortega has become a potential name sought after by Hollywood.

Besides the female protagonist, Emma Myers’ role also attracted a lot of attention from young audiences thanks to her interesting character design, in complete contrast to Wednesday. Playing the role of Enid Sinclair – a werewolf but unable to transform into a wolf, and Wednesday’s best friend, she delighted the audience by always trying to help the female lead despite many malicious rumors surrounding her. Along with that, Enid’s colorful hair and adorable personality also help Enid receive a lot of love.

Not liking excuses and explanations, Wednesday often uses actions instead of words, along with many cold expressions, making others seem scared. However, like other versions, Wednesday is always “inadvertently” kind, and always stands up to protect his friends around him. This image has helped the film cause a storm across social networks, becoming the inspiration for many trends on TikTok.

First of all, there is a rhyme about Wednesday’s name. Vietnamese youth and Gen Z around the world have taken turns boasting about the meaning of their birthday. Specifically:

“Monday’s child is fair of face,

Tuesday’s child is full of grace,

Wednesday’s child is full of woe,

Thursday’s child has far to go,

Friday’s child is loving and giving,

Saturday’s child works hard for a living,

And the child that was born on the Sabbath day

Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay”

Roughly translated:

“The Monday child is good looking,

Tuesday’s Child is full of grace.

Wednesday’s child is full of woes,

Thursday’s Child has a long way to go.

The Friday Child loves and gives,

The Saturday child works hard to make a living.

And the child was born on Sunday

Happy and wise, cheerful and carefree.”

Next, Wednesday’s makeup and clothing style also became a trend on TikTok. In Vietnam, many famous TikTokers have posted clips that transform into Wednesday, attracting millions of views in just a few short hours, the most prominent being Linh Ngoc Dam. Not only that, Wednesday’s dance also caused a stir around the world with the song Goo Goo Muck by The Cramp in the background. It is known that this is a self-composed dance by actress Jenna Ortega, and she was also surprised by its popularity on social networks.

Unexpected attraction from Gothic images
According to the original book by author Charles Addams, Wednesday is a girl who loves Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry because of its crazy and mysterious gothic style. It is known that gothic is a style with a spooky, mysterious look and main black tones, inspired by the characters Dracula. In the Addams family, this style is also evident in each member, especially the mother Morticia and Wednesday.

Morticia often appears wearing a seductive black mermaid dress, with a sharp face, lips painted with bold red lipstick and a cold aura. The character’s fashion and image have also become inspiration for Western Halloween costumes. Along with that, the eldest sister Wednesday is no less competitive. In the current hot movie, Wednesday also owns a black wardrobe full of choice and personality. Even though Nevermore students have to wear blue uniforms, Wednesday still broke out the style by wearing all black from head to… fingernails.

Before that, the gothic image was always loved by fans because of the groundbreaking images it brought. Breaking the stereotypes of conventional beauty, gothic brings a breath of mystery, individuality, or sometimes madness, but hidden deep within it is an enchanting charm. In H&M’s collection with black evening dresses, the products quickly sold out within just a few hours of launch on November 3.

Quickly catching up with the trend, many fashion brands around the world also brought their own gothic catwalks. In the Spring Summer 2023 collection, Burberry brought the image of Morticia with a pure black fishtail dress, with minimalism yet elegance. Or a modern gothic, full of “chameleon” presided over by Donatella Versace, people see the rebellious and mysterious features through vibrant colors, inspired by a bit of street rebellion, different from the regular black. These details show that the heat of gothic is creeping into the fashion world, just like the way Wednesday took over the cinema world.

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