Wall Street Journal calls Suboi “Queen Latifah of Vietnam”

Queen Latifah is the stage name of multi-talented American female artist Dana Elaine Owen. Not only is she one of
 the pioneering female artists of the hip hop music industry, Queen Latifah is also known as an actress, musician,
 music producer and talk show host.
In an article about Suboi published on March 25, The Wall Street Journal mentioned this female rapper as a
 phenomenon of Ho Chi Minh City's hip hop scene with the ability to rap skillfully in both Vietnamese and English.
The female rapper born in 1990, real name Hang Lam Trang Anh, is currently in the US to perform at the CAAM music
 festival and the annual South by Southwest film music festival.
“Suboi is the first Vietnamese artist to perform at South by Southwest - James Minor, director of South by 
Southwest, said - It would be great if her participation increased the attention of audiences in the Southeast
 region. Participate in this event".
Started learning English through the songs of Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears, but one of the great 
inspirations that motivated the female artist to pursue the hip hop path was American rap legend Eninem.
After a friend let him listen to Eninem's song Without me, Suboi spent time studying this male rapper's music and
 lyrics, then became a diligent student of hip hop art.
Suboi said her stage name is a combination of the nickname "Su" and the variation "Boi" of the word "Boy",
 symbolizing the tomboy trend that she pursues.
In 2010, Suboi released his first album titled Walk and an album titled Run last year.
With his unique appearance, skillful rapping ability and fluent English, Suboi has conquered a large number of 
fans. She has more than 1 million followers on Facebook and her YouTube videos often reach 100,000 views.
Another American newspaper, The Daily Beast, also published an article about Suboi, calling her "Vietnam's Queen
 of Hip Hop".
“Eminem is her inspiration, and this 25-year-old hip hop artist is achieving great success of her own,” The Daily
 Beast wrote about Suboi.
This March, Suboi also appeared in a program on the famous travel channel CNNGo as a tour guide taking viewers 
around Saigon.
With fluent English, the female singer performed well as a tour guide, introducing to the program's audience
 places with strong Saigon style as well as very Vietnamese dishes.
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