‘The Rookie’ Fans Side With Eric Winter’s Wife After Hearing Her Passionate Parenting Opinion

The Rookie star Eric Winter got into a tiff with his wife Roselyn Sánchez, but fans aren’t siding with him on this one.
On their podcast He Said, Ella Dijo, the longtime couple often discuss what it’s like parenting their daughter Sebella and their son Dylan. But during a recent episode, Eric revealed that although Roselyn likes helping their son choose his outfits, he has a different outlook on the routine. Eric felt that Roselyn not only enjoyed it more than she should, but he dropped a truth bomb about how she reacts to anyone else attempting to do her self-designed job.

“Do you think it’s controlling that you insist on picking out the clothes for Dylan every day and nobody else can?” he jokingly asked the Fantasy Island alum in a clip posted on Instagram.
“I enjoy it… No, it’s not controlling. Anybody can do it,” she replied.
As the two continued bantering on the subject, the Wildfire actor rebutted and asked Roselyn if they could switch roles, so he could help Dylan get ready in the mornings. Her response? Well, she wasn’t going to stop without a fight.
OK, so I can do it tomorrow. Can I do it tomorrow?” he asked.
“If you want to take a pissed,” she jested. “I’m telling you — I enjoy every single night picking the outfit he’s going to do the next day … You don’t enjoy it at all. You could care less — you just want to do it to bug me.”
When folks caught the wind of Roselyn and Eric’s back-and-forth on the surprisingly controversial subject, they gravitated toward the actress’ point of view.

“I’m with you Ros! Anyone can do it… just not as good as we can! LOL 🤣😉,” one person wrote in the Instagram comments section. “I have a hard time letting my husband pick out my son’s outfits too!” another follower agreed. “I DO THE SAME!!! And I own it call it whatever you want haha,” a different fan shared.
Thankfully, it looks like neither took the unforeseen spat to heart. But when it comes to clothes and her kids, it’s better not to mess with Roselyn.

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