The Rookie cast before they were famous: see epic throwback photos of Nathan Fillion, Eric Winter & more

The Rookie is on a roll right now! After debuting its sixth season, the hit ABC drama has been renewed for a seventh installation, filled with more danger, drama and romance. Following the news, Nathan Fillion, Eric Winter, Melissa O’Neil and more have taken to Instagram to celebrate their hard-earned victory.
It’s been a long road for the cast, not only have they poured their blood, sweat and tears into The Rookie, but they’ve each spent years honing their craft and heading to millions of auditions to get to where they are now. But, have you ever wondered what life was like before they were famous?
Jenna Dewan and Mekia Cox are just some of the stars who’ve shared the most incredible throwback photos from their pre-Hollywood days, and now we’re taking a trip down memory lane. We can’t believe how much the cast has changed…

Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion grew up in the city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. Extremely close to both of his parents, the TV star has also spoken of his endless admiration for his older brother, Jeff. Pictured with his sibling above, it’s pretty easy to spot Nathan, although he’s sporting a shorter haircut these days!
Nathan knew he wanted to be an actor from a young age, but with limited options in Edmonton, the fledgling star took a practical approach and decided to become a teacher. While he may have studied for a degree at the University of Alberta, the 53-year-old ultimately decided to pursue a career in acting, heading to New York where he landed his earliest TV roles. And we’re so glad he did – it wouldn’t be The Rookie without John Nolan.

Eric Winter

Eric Winter was born in La Mirada, California, and while little is known about his childhood, the 47-year-old has given fans a glimpse of his favorite trends from way back when.
“This is what happens when you go through old pics… probably took me 45 mins to blow dry my hair that perfectly,” he joked on Instagram. “And just the right amount of aqua net, learned it from the man himself…miss ya dad #fbf.”
Fun fact about Eric, like Nathan he started with a different career path in mind and studied to become a doctor. “I was actually a psycho-biology major and I wanted to be a doctor,” he told DA MAN in 2019. “While taking some drama classes as an elective, I started falling in love with the creative arts.”
Imagine how different things would be if he hadn’t discovered his passion for acting!

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