The history of the Big Brother players who starred on The Bold and the Beautiful

There's a lot of money on the line on Big Brother. But cash isn't the only thing contestants can win. They've often also gotten the chance to
 become a soap opera star, even if it's only for a day.

More than 30 Big Brother players have showcased their acting chops on The Bold and the Beautiful. The connection between the CBS reality 
show and the network's drama-rich daytime staple dates back to 2004, when season 5 winner Drew Daniel popped onto The Bold and The 
Beautiful, starting a trend no one saw coming.
Below, we're digging into that association, from the wildest appearances to the most significant cameos.
The season 5 winner became the first Big Brother player to appear on The Bold and the Beautiful when he starred in a 2004 episode as a press 
conference reporter named… "Drew." Trailblazers.
A season 3 fan favorite (and returning All-Star), Marcellas is the player from the earliest season to ever appear on the soap. He played fashion
 designer Micah Okwu in 2005, seen here with Katherine Kelly Lang's Brooke inspecting his designs.
The seasons 11 and 13 sweethearts (and now married couple) — here with Aaron D. Spears and Jennifer Gareis — have guested a combined
 eight times on the show, including three times together.
It's worth noting that while Jordan did not win Homecoming Queen here, she still has her season 11 Big Brother title to fall back on.

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