Simon Cowell fumed at David Walliams’ rude joke

Simon Cowell did not find David Walliams’ joke funny, he loudly asked David to stop and reminded that ”Britain’s Got Talent” is a family show.

Simon Cowell was very angry with David Walliams when David made rude jokes on Britain’s Got Talent.

Even though he was 50 years old, when he saw a policeman in uniform step on stage, David joked: “Arrest me now.” When the policeman talked about his talent, David interrupted and asked: “Is your talent showing people your genitals?”

Simon did not agree with this joke and loudly said: “Quickly apologize.” However, David’s rude behavior got even worse, he asked further: “Do you swing your genitals?” This obscene question prompted Simon to speak up: “Get out, this is a family show.”

David’s joke made the audience at the studio feel uncomfortable and Simon had to tell them: “After filming is over, we will make him apologize for 10 minutes.” The audience at the studio thought that David was doing something reckless. Simon was very angry and raised his voice at David because he was going over the limit.

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