NCIS Season 21 Finale Teased By Parker Star: “Big Trouble”

NCIS’ season 21 finale has been teased by star Gary Cole, who portrays Alden Parker, hinting at “big trouble” for the team in their upcoming case.
NCIS star Gary Cole, who portrays team leader Alden Parker in the series, has opened up about the upcoming season 21 finale, hinting that it’s going to be a memorable, major episode of the series. The series recently had a harrowing episode where Parker pretended to be a heart surgeon during a kidnapping by drug lord Carlos Savina. This suspenseful episode was one of the most dangerous for him in recent times, showcasing almost anything can happen to the show’s characters.
Speaking with TV Insider, Cole revealed a similar level of extreme trouble will arrive in the NCIS season 21 finale. The actor said the entire team is going to be required to take on the upcoming threat, with his words seemingly hinting at even more people showing up than viewers may expect. Check out what Cole had to say about the finale below:

What Will Happen During NCIS Season 21’s Finale?

NCIS season 21 has been highly eventful, bringing with it many special episodes that are highly important for the entire franchise. This includes an episode dedicated to David McCallum, who portrayed Ducky from the start of the series until his death in 2023. It also includes NCIS’ 1000th episode, which featured references and reminiscences surrounding the entire franchise, including its spinoffs. Despite its shortened, 10-episode season, this season has been a highlight of the series because of how many important episodes have aired.
Given Cole’s hints surrounding the upcoming season finale, it appears the content therein will be just as important to the show as its many special episodes this season. “Big trouble” could be anything, from a case that has the entire team stumped to danger that puts multiple lives at risk. His hint also indicates something unexpected could transpire, possibly even setting up the return of a major character from the past. His statement could be hinting at the return of someone like Leroy Gibbs, or just emphasizes how every character will be vital to the final episode.
Whatever happens in the season finale won’t be a permanent scar on the team, though, as NCIS season 22 has already been confirmed for the 2024-25 primetime TV season. This means that, no matter what happens in the upcoming finale, it won’t be something so difficult as to be devastating for the team’s ability to operate. However, the consequences of whatever happens in the finale could carry over, setting the stage for what the next batch of episodes is going to bring.

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