Kelly Severide’s Most Memorable Romantic Moments on Chicago Fire

Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) has spent his tenure on Chicago Fire on a whole lot of emotional roller coasters. Beyond the complicated life and death of his father and his own rise to the top of Firehouse 51, Severide has been through plenty of relationship drama, keeping fans on the edges of their seats.
Before he committed to Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo), Severide dated some interesting women. Revisit his most memorable relationship stories ahead of the show’s Season 12, which promises even more “Stellaride” moments.

Kelly Severide and the Two Renées of Season 1

The first Reneé with whom Severide was involved was Renée Whaley (Kelli Barrett). She had been Severide’s ex-fiancée before Season 1 even began, but appeared on the show in Season 1, Episodes 15 and 16 (“Nazdrovya!” and “Viral”), when her brother, Eric (Shane McRae), held Severide responsible for her drunk driving accident.
The second Renée, Renée Royce (Sarah Shahi), came into the picture when Severide saved her after an electrical line burst next to her car. The two began dating, and spent a lot of time together throughout Season 1. However, Renée got a promotion that sent her to Spain, and Severide did not want to leave his job to move abroad, so the couple separated.
In Season 1, Episode 23 (“A Hell of a Ride”), Renée returned from Spain pregnant, and asked Severide to co-parent with her. He ultimately learned that the baby could not feasibly be his, so the two went their separate ways once again.

Who was Severide’s first wife on Chicago Fire?

Severide married a woman he’d known for just 24 hours, Brittany Baker-Severide (Serinda Swan), in Season 3, Episode 6 (“Madmen and Fools”). Brittany won the firefighter’s heart while they were both in Las Vegas, after she led him to victory at the craps table in Season 3. The two, it turned out, had both recently suffered difficult losses: Severide’s close friend, Leslie Shay (Lauren German ), had been killed in a fire; and Brittany’s sister, Kathleen, had been killed in a car accident.
In Episode 7 (“Nobody Touches Anything”) Severide announced to all of Firehouse 51 that he was married, and even convinced Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) to allow Brittany to move into the apartment they all shared. As time went on, however, it became clear that the couple was not compatible and Brittany returned home to Florida.

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