Jenna Ortega’s magical beauty from the movie Wednesday to real life

After the craze of the movie Wednesday, main actress Jenna Ortega became a name that many people were interested in.
Join the hit movie Wednesday – Netflix’s newest horror comedy series. Actress Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday and becomes the current favorite new star. Just celebrated her 20th birthday, Jenna has already made many movies because she has been acting since she was 8 years old. She has a strangely beautiful face with a magical, indescribably attractive charisma.

Jenna Ortega was born into a family of Mexican descent but was born in California. Latin American beauty is salty, strong and lively flowing through the veins.

Jenna has an angular face, deep eyes and seductive lips. Beauties in real life have a fairly simple makeup style and often choose elegant and classic outfits.

The actress once shared in ELLE US Magazine: “I often act in horror movies and my skin is exposed to fake blood a lot. Every time I finish filming, I often have hidden acne. That’s why I’m very interested in doing it.” clean skin and keep it hydrated. To keep her skin clean and healthy, Jenna Ortega often “double cleanses” by removing makeup with oil first, then using facial cleanser to completely remove dirt and chemicals from makeup.

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