ITV Britain’s Got Talent ‘fix’ row ensues as golden buzzer act exposed as ‘West End star’

Britain’s Got Talent returned on Saturday, with Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and Bruno Tonioli back on the judging panel to observe the latest talents from across the nation.

The show saw aspiring singers, comedians and a whole range of other acts taking to the stage to provide some memorable performances.

Sydnie Christmas, 28, won over the judges and audience as she introduced herself and made them laugh by pretending her first name was Mary.

However, the mood changed from amused to amazed when she began to sing, opting to go with Tomorrow from classic musical Annie.

Christmas’ audition saw her receive a standing ovation from the judges and the audience members were equally stunned.

Holden even decided to send Christmas straight to the semi-final by pressing the all-important golden buzzer.

Cowell, who had shared his disappointment over Christmas’ choice of song before she started to sing, complaining he “hates” the musical track, even admitted he now “loved” it because of her rendition.

Holden went to on enthuse: “That was the best version of it that I’ve heard in my life, so I’m going to do this…” before clicking the buzzer which left sparkling confetti falling onto the shocked singer.

However, the performance left fans at home divided, with some outraged to learn Christmas already sings professionally.

“Why did Sydnie get a Golden Buzzer. She’s a professional for goodness sake,” one person wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

“Oh shock. Sydnie has been in the West End already,” another complained.

Someone else added: “Everyone does know that Sydnie girl is a west end star already…. Cheated her way to that Golden Buzzer!”

“The whole program is a fix didn’t you know ?? #bgt,” someone else fumed while another shared: “#BGT what a surprise what an absolute fix.”

“#bgt this is so fixed it’s embarrassing,” another person wrote. (sic)

However, others applauded Christmas’ audition, with one writing: “Whether #bgt is a fix or not I really enjoyed Sydney’s audition. She really sang that as good as Jimmy Herrods version.” (sic)

Another enthused: “Sydnie is a star! Say what you want about talent shows but that Golden Buzzer moment just changed Sydnie’s life forever and it was glorious to watch #BGT.”

Christmas’ biography states she’s appeared as a lead voice in King Cross Theater’s Lazarus, and that she appeared in Starlight Express. According to The Sun, she also starred as Rizzo in Grease.

Elsewhere on the show, fans were also divided over the opening act, which had used AI generated footage.

Later in the program, the final act of the episode left both fans and judges astounded as South Korean taekwondo group Ssaulabi performed their act.

The group performed gravity-defying stunts and hosted Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly rushed to press the golden buzzer as they concluded their performance.

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