“It was my fault..he’s dead now actually”: Jennifer Lawrence Confesses She Annoyed A Mystery Guy on Her Worst Date Ever

While the celebrities and stars that traverse the paths of the Hollywood industry are normal individuals like us, they are still placed on a silver pedestal by their fans and admirers, which makes them so much more than normal people. Jennifer Lawrence is one of those stars that people love and revere, both for her acting talents and her gorgeous looks.

But this attention and reverence may elude the fact that she too is a human being and that she isn’t as perfect as people make her out to be. She explained this with an experience when she went on a date with a mysterious man that became the worst date of her life, and it was her fault it turned out that way.

Jennifer Lawrence Blames Herself For The Worst Date Of Her Life

Even if it’s a normal day in the life of your favorite Hollywood celebrity, the love you have for them makes you curious about their life. At the same time, it makes you look at them in a more grand and larger-than-life way. But as many of them have said in the past, they are too just normal people who try to live normal lives, and even they have some experiences that the general public has had in their life. Jennifer Lawrence revealed that just like many people out there, she too had a day that she could call the worst in her life.

In a recent interview, the X-Men star was having a conversation with the host about different aspects and experiences that she had in her career while doing different films over the span of many years in the industry. One question that was asked was about what her worst dating experience was and what happened that made it a sour memory. Lawrence recalled that while her date was a charming man, she was the one who destroyed that experience for the both of them. She said:

“I mean, it was my fault. This guy was really, really cute. He’s dead now, actually. I laughed too hard at a joke, and i kept laughing and laughing and laughing. I annoyed him, and everybody in the theatre. It wasn’t even like, a comedy, it was just something happened that, like, struck my funny bone. It just went on and on and on until he died.”

Just goes to show that even highly-regarded celebrities are also just normal people, trying to traverse the path of life like the rest of the world.

What Is Jennifer Lawrence Upto Now?

After a successful year of her career in 2021 with her apocalypse comedy film Don’t Look Up, Lawrence is back on the big screen, this time with a coming-of-age adult comedy film No Hard Feelings. The film focuses on Lawrence’s character named Maddie who is running short on cash and is about to be evicted from her childhood home. To ensure financial safety, she agrees to date a rich 19-year old for monetary compensation from his parents. But it soon turns out that getting him out of his shell is harder than she thought.

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