Former ‘NCIS’ star Lucas Black prioritizes God and family over Hollywood success

Lucas Black has his priorities straight.
The former “NCIS” star may be a success in Hollywood, but he doesn’t put anything before God and his family.
“This is one that’s a story that is about faith and family. And so, you know, that’s important in my life,” Black told Fox News Digital of his new movie “Unsung Hero,” which chronicles how the family of Christian pop band For King & Country’s Luke and Joel Smallbone first came to the U.S. to rebuild their lives. “So, I was excited. I was excited to get it because some of these stories — they don’t come around very often and, you know, so that was a blessing.”
Black said he was also grateful that the movie was shot in Louisville, Kentucky, not far from where he lives with his wife and three children.

“We found two weeks in Louisville, and so I was happy to be, you know — family and close here to home and Kentucky,” he said.
Black told Fox News Digital he also related to his character Jed Albright as a husband and father of faith.
“I’m married, I have three kids and, you know, my character’s a churchgoer, and, so am I — so, you know, trying to be a man of God, live by faith and be there for the relationships, be present, for my wife and my kids,” he explained. “And, you know, Jed seems like the person that was the same way. He, in the script, he’s wanting to do good and help the community and be the man that God’s called him to be.”
He added, “I’m honored to be a part of this story and what it promotes, you know, family and trying to be a good man of God.”
Black said he and his wife of 14 years, Maggie O’Brien, a lawyer, have kept their marriage strong by “not putting the career before our relationship.”
“When we make that covenant with each other and before God and before man, you know, she becomes the number one person in my life and is over everything else,” he said. “So, nothing should get in the way of that. And so, you know, it’s communicating each other’s needs and — but we, we keep Jesus at the center. He’s the head. We can’t do it without him.”
Black joked that his wife “knows I’m going to mess up and, so my wife has to be full of grace. And that only comes from the power of God, to put up with my shenanigans.”

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