Cancelled Game of Thrones Spinoff Creator Reveals New Details About the HBO Series

Acclaimed writer Brian Helgeland recently shed light on why the Game of Thrones spinoff, 10,000 Ships, failed to proceed at HBO despite its initial promise.

10,000 Ships was designed to portray the epic saga of Queen Nymeria, set a millennium before the events fans witnessed in Game of Thrones. Helgeland envisioned a rich storyline with adventure and historical intrigue, centered around this formidable ruler known from a brief mention in a Westeros encyclopedia. Despite his enthusiasm and a well-received script, the project hit a snag.
According to Helgeland during an interview with Inverse, the significant time gap between the story and the original series was a major factor in HBO’s hesitation. Helegaland said:
Brian Helgeland’s Vision for 10,000 Ships Mixes Classic Myth with Game of Thrones Lore
The 10,000 Ships series, which was penned by writer Amanda Segel in 2021, proposed to chronicle the story of Princess Nymeria, who fled Essos for Dorne after her people suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of the Valyrian Freehold during the Second Spice War.
Helgeland planned 10,000 Ships to mirror the biblical exodus of Moses, with Nymeria at the helm of a massive flotilla seeking sanctuary. This analogy extended to the depiction of a nomadic existence on a gigantic raft city, a floating metropolis that symbolized the transient hopes of an entire civilization. Helgeland said:
Helgeland drew inspiration from various iconic tales of adventure and mythology. He explained

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