Blue Bloods Recap 04/26/24: Season 14 Episode 7 “On the Ropes”

On tonight’s Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 7 “On the Ropes”,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Jamie works to bust a group of scammers who use artificial intelligence to defraud the elderly.
Also, Danny and Baez investigate a series of mysterious deaths at a hospital; Anthony is determined to take down an attorney who exploits the law for his own financial gain; and Frank disapproves when he learns Gormley is planning to face off against fellow officers in a “smoker” boxing match.”

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In tonight’s Blue Bloods episode, Detective Danny Reagan was forced to take an arrested man to the hospital. The man got injured trying to flee from them. He got caught in metal wire and now he’s under arrest. Or he will be once the hospital is done with him. Danny was waiting around when he ran into an old friend of his late wife.
The friend was Desiree Diaz. She used to work with Linda at the hospital. They were both nurses and Linda looked out for the younger one. Without her, Desiree took it upon herself to look out for the younger ones. And what she’s seeing isn’t good because the hospital was killing people that weren’t there for major surgeries.
According to Desiree, these minor injuries or annoyances weren’t fatal until they came to the hospital. People have been dying at a faster rate than normal. Desiree reported it to Danny because she remembers he’s a cop.
She wants him to investigate the high turnover rate at this hospital. Only Danny wasn’t sure it was serious as she let on. He thought that plenty of people would come forward if they thought they had an Angel of Mercy on the ward. The Angel of Mercy was someone that liked killing the sick and infirm. People liked that tend to think there doing an act of kindness.
Hence the name.
Desiree later stopped by Danny’s desk in his precinct. She redacted the names, but she got the files of these fatalities and she just wants him to look at them. She wants to know if there’s something there or if she’s going crazy. Danny agreed to look at the files. He was looking though them when his dad was handling one of his advisers getting beaten up.
Syd came in with a black eye. He said it was nothing. Everyone else thought it was something. They asked what happened. He said that a hotshot he road with back in the day didn’t like him and it led to a small skirmish.
Well, the other guy involved in the fight said that Syd had it coming. Syd kept him from being promoted and for getting better jobs. Syd sunk his career. He did that because the man has a mouth on him.
He was constantly going off about everything. He was a lone wolf. He didn’t want to work with anyone and so that behavior has him listed as a problem instead of a problem solver. Frank later spoke to the man. He regrets nothing. He would hit Sid all over again if he could. And so now Frank has to figure out what to do with him.
Frank wants to resolve the issue. He just doesn’t know how to do so. He talked to his dad and his dad reminded him that neither of the men involved sought his help. They weren’t asking. Meaning he could let this one go. This wasn’t a case for him to solve. Not like Danny’s case or Jamie’s case.
Jamie got help from someone involved in scamming seniors. He used AI to fake the voice of someone these people love or respect to get them to hand over information. They even did that with Jamie’s boss. They got the location where Jamie was transferring a prisoner and they almost killed him and the prisoner.
Now the prisoner doesn’t want to help the police in catching the men that tried to kill him. He thinks he’ll be safer if he doesn’t talk. Actually, him not talking just ensures he has nothing to trade.
He’ll stay behind bars with dangerous criminals and all it would take was topping the book of a prisoner to get him to kill the informant before he changes his mind. Jamie couldn’t talk to the guy. He was waiting for life to come talk to the guy. Jamie also helped life along by sending his captain to the holding cell to finally talk to the informant turned prisoner.
She owed him anyway after almost getting him killed. She helped Jamie close his case. Anthony also got a happy lead with his case. Anthony was accused of beating up a smarmy lawyer.
The man who actually did it had a son. The son approached Anthony with an apology. His father told him everything. He also didn’t want Anthony to get in trouble for what his dad did. They went to go talk to the dad for themselves only to find him hanging in his shop. The father had killed himself. He never owned up to what he did to the lawyer and so this was going to follow Anthony around for a w

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