Bel-Air Season 3: Release Date, Trailer, Cast and Everything We Know So Far

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In the clip, Smith and Hubert can be seen hugging and catching up with one another.

“Oh my God! Thank you for coming, baby!” Hubert told Smith. “Oh man, this is beautiful. This is beautiful,” he replied.

“You haven't changed a bit,” Hubert then added, touchin
The dramatic concept of the series is a result of filmmaker and Fresh Prince fan Morgan Cooper's question of what the seminal sitcom would 
look like if it were made today. In 2019, Cooper created his answer: a four-minute short film titled Bel-Air that depicts all the characters we 
know and love in dramatic setting with darker conflict. After the short film-slash-trailer went viral, it caught the eye of Will Smith — and the 
rest is quite much history.

“Working with partners that have been so supportive of that vision while bringing their own sensibilities and talent to the project, we were 
able to create something that we were ultimately all really proud of,” Cooper said to Teen Vogue in 2022 of the show's creative journey. "This 
show came from a place of passion and wanting to make something meaningful to the culture. It's been quite a journey, but I wouldn't change 
anything about it.”
Bel-Air season 2, which airs weekly on Peacock, concluded on April 27, 2023. The sophomore season ends with some pretty juicy cliffhangers
 — so it's definitely great news for fans that Will and the Banks family's stories won't end there. Below, we've compiled a guide of everything 
you need to know about Bel-Air season 3, including new and returning cast, release date, trailer, and plot info.
g Smith's cheek. “Oh, this ain’t nothing but the finest nuts and berries,” the actor joked in response while stroking his head and face.
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