Will Blue Bloods Return, Tom Selleck Thinks It Might!

Blue Bloods spoilers and updates pose the question if Blue Bloods will stay in cancelation status or if it might return. Star Tom Selleck, who plays Frank Reagan is trying to stay positive, and thinks it might!
Tom Selleck expressed his disappointment over CBS’s decision to cancel Blue Bloods; he strongly believes that the show still has a loyal fan base and a strong viewership, making the cancelation unjustified.

Nevertheless, Tom remains hopeful for the show’s future, especially with the season finale approaching; he mentioned that he is optimistic and determined to turn things around, hinting at a potential comeback.

Even though CBS pulled the plug on it, Tom Selleck remains optimistic about the possibility of Blue Bloods making a comeback on television.

Selleck plays the head of the Reagan family in the popular police drama series. Despite the network’s announcement of the show’s conclusion after Season 14, which would be divided into two parts, Selleck and his fellow cast members expressed their discontent with the decision.
Blue Bloods Spoilers: Tom And The Other Cast Hopes CBS Will Come To Their Senses
Selleck recently expressed his belief that CBS will eventually come to their senses regarding the show’s future on the news show “CBS Sunday Morning”.
He highlighted the show’s success, being the third-highest rated show in all of broadcast and consistently winning the night-the entire cast is eager to return for another season.
Donnie Wahlberg, who portrays one of Frank’s sons, Danny Reagan, also expressed his disappointment at the cancellation- CBS reversed its decision for S.W.A.T. and granted it another season. But the studio heads have stated that it won’t be the case for Blue Bloods-nevertheless, Selleck remains hopeful and optimistic about the show receiving a second chance after the upcoming finale.
In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he emphasized the importance of maintaining optimism for the show’s future, saying he’s holding onto that optimism, and the rest of the cast members agree.
Blue Bloods Spoilers: Why Was It Canceled- He’s Confused?
Tom Selleck has expressed his confusion over CBS’s decision to cancel Blue Bloods, stating that no one understands the reasoning behind it.
In order to reassure the public, Selleck has been vocal about the show’s continued success and high quality. According to him, Blue Bloods is currently the third-highest scripted show in all of broadcast, consistently winning the night and maintaining a strong viewership.
Selleck firmly believes that the show is not losing its momentum and deserves to be renewed for another season. In fact, he even mentioned the potential consequences of the show’s cancellation, revealing that he might lose his beloved Los Angeles ranch.
Blue Bloods Spoilers: CBS’ Reasoning
Clearly, Selleck’s passion for Blue Bloods is unwavering, and he is determined to fight for its continuation. CBS’s reasoning according to CBS Entertainment President, Amy Reisenbach, emphasized the importance of a robust schedule. This involves revamping the lineup by discontinuing certain shows to make way for fresh ones.
Despite the success of current shows, CBS is on the lookout for the next breakout hit, taking risks in the hopes of retaining viewership.
Again, CBS is canceling Blue Bloods despite the show still being on top and many cast members eager to return; what could be the reason behind this decision-it makes no sense!
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