Shocked by the past of ‘tycoon’ Simon Cowell

The famous British media tycoon is known as a ‘lady killer’ because he is often surrounded by many ghosts. Simon Cowell’s personal life has always been incredibly complicated.
On May 6, The Sun newspaper reported that Simon Cowell’s girlfriend Lauren Silverman suspected the media mogul of having an affair with singer Mel B, surprising many people. “In a series of angry messages, Lauren also questioned Simon’s colleague Mel B,” the newspaper wrote. Simon Cowell shocked everyone in 2013 when he publicly snatched his best friend Andrew Silverman’s wife, Lauren Silverman. The two later moved in together and raised their son even though they were not married. But the love history of this powerful judge is much more complicated.

The “harem” is full of beautiful women

Simon Cowell has dated a number of beautiful women over the years and has remained close friends after their split. He even took them on a luxury vacation to Barbados. People here often see Simon Cowell striding on the beach, surrounded by many sexy women in bikinis. One of Cowell’s exes, Sinitta, exposed the truth about this with a Twitter post aimed at the judge, in which she wrote: “Harem – Group of women staying together for the purpose of having sex sex with a man”.

Dark romance with The X-Factor co-worker Dannii Minogue

After breaking up with long-time girlfriend Terri Seymour, Simon Cowell admitted to being attracted to colleague Dannii Minogue and began a secret love affair. In the interview Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell with journalist Tom Bower, Simon Cowell shared about his girlfriend in a rather vulgar way: “I had a crush on her. Dannii has beautiful hair, shorts Sexy shirt and big breasts. I’m like a student and she’s an old fox. Really feminine.” However, the media tycoon said he did not make this relationship public because “he is still not ready after the breakup with Terri Seymour”.

Confesses to liking group sex

Thanks to his many years of reputation in the entertainment industry, Simon Cowell has had the opportunity to meet and flirt with many hot girls. However, in an interview with Howard Stern, the 60-year-old star made a shocking confession about his sexual life. “I was feeling lonely so I went out and met two girls. Somehow we ended up in bed. I liked it,” said Simon Cowell. Even though the incident happened a long time ago at the time of the interview, many viewers were still shocked by this powerful judge’s sharing.
Flirting with Cheryl
After his failed relationship with Dannii Minogue, Simon Cowell continued to bring another beautiful judge to The X-Factor – Cheryl. They openly flirted in front of the cameras and Simon later confessed to having feelings for the Girls Aloud frontman. Sharing in an interview with Sweet Revenge, Simon Cowell accused Cheryl of taking advantage of love to manipulate him. “She appeared wearing a tight outfit and looked at me with fascinated eyes. I felt like a little mouse in front of her. A friend warned me not to let Cheryl take advantage of me,” Simon Cowell speak. The relationship then quickly broke up because Simon Cowell fired his little lover and replaced her with singer Nicole Scherzinger of the group The Pussycat Dolls.

Agreeing to let Sinitta’s girlfriend have an abortion

Sinitta and Simon Cowell have a rather ambiguous relationship, often breaking up and making up for 20 years. However, the female singer surprised the public when she admitted that she had had an abortion with a post on Twitter. Sinitta said she and Simon Cowell agreed to give up their child because at that time they were both too young and could not raise their child well. “Simon was very caring and stayed by my side. It was very uncomfortable. It was a very difficult thing that we resolved together,” the 56-year-old singer told The Sun.

Love triangle with Playboy model Carmen Electra

Even though he successfully stole his wife – Lauren Silverman, Simon Cowell is still very promiscuous when flirting outside with Carmen Electra. The Playboy model then said goodbye when she learned that she was the third party in Silverman – Cowell’s love affair. A source told E! News: “Electra was at Simon Cowell’s house in Los Angeles when she caught her boyfriend making out with someone else. Simon called Lauren his friend, but nothing was clear about what was going on.”

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